Laminar Flow Clean Benches are designed to provide a working area free of contamination, to protect the product only from contamination. HEPA filtered air passes across the working area within the cabinet with a unidirectional flow to provide a particle-free zone.

Laminar flow cabinets are for product protection only, they do not provide operator and environment protection.

Although there is no specific design and performance standard for laminar flow cabinets, the majority are designed to achieve a minimum of ISO Class 5.

Types of Laminar Flow Cabinets

Vertical Laminar Flow

  • HEPA filtered air is discharged vertically, down onto the working area and leaves the cabinet horizontally through one side

Horizontal Laminar Flow

HEPA filtered air is discharged horizontally through one side across the working area and continues to leave the cabinet horizontally through the other side

Laminar Flow Clean Bench Testing

Crowthorne can carry out various performance tests and safety checks as part of a routine service contract, all of which can be tailored to suit your requirements:

  • Inspect pre-filter (and replace if required)
  • Check operation of all switches, warning systems and speed control
  • Check general condition of fan
  • Check operation of air flow indicators and pressure gauges
  • Measure airflow velocities
  • Check lighting tubes and light levels
  • Check noise levels
  • Undertake in situ HEPA filter leak integrity test
  • Undertake airborne particle counting.

Frequency of Services

We recommend every 12 months as a minimum to ensure correct performance.

 Repairs and Replacement Parts

Crowthorne work closely with all Laminar Flow Clean Bench manufacturers so we can easily source any replacement parts to have your equipment working safely as soon as possible.

To book your Laminar Flow Clean Bench service get in touch!

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