A fume cupboard, also known as a fume hood, fume cabinet or chemical hood, is a ventilated enclosure which is designed to protect the operator by preventing them from being exposed to hazardous substances. Used in laboratories where chemicals are used, the airborne contaminants are prevented from escaping the fume cupboard by means of a protective air barrier between the user and the materials in the working area within the cupboard.

Types of Fume Cupboards

Ducted Fume Cupboard

  • Air is ventilated to outside the building via ductwork
  • Constant or variable air volume (CAV/VAV)
  • Designed and maintained in accordance with BS EN 14175:2003

Recirculating Fume Cupboard

  • Air is filtered, before being discharged back into the room
  • Carbon filters remove gases and vapours
  • HEPA filters can be used in addition to carbon filters to remove particulates
  • Designed and maintained in accordance with BS 7989:2001

Crowthorne Group can carry out various performance tests and safety checks as part of a routine service contract, all of which we can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Tests include:

  • Measure face velocity airflow
  • Carry out smoke pencil tests
  • Check operation of controls, warning alarms, lights, service controls
  • Check fan system for correct operation
  • Carbon breakthrough testing using Gastec detector tubes
  • Visual inspection of filters
  • Check function of sash stop and position alarms
  • Containment testing user SF6 tracer gas.

In addition, our BOHS P601 qualified engineers can offer a thorough examination and testing of the full fume cupboard ducting system, including the ductwork and extractor fan in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance HSG258.

Frequency of Services

We recommend all fume cupboards are serviced annually as a minimum to ensure that they are performing as per design specification.

Repairs and Replacement Parts

Crowthorne work closely with all laminar fume cupboard manufacturers so we can easily source any replacement parts to have your cabinet working safely as soon as possible.

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