The purchase of replacement fluorescent tubes will become outlawed in August 2023 as they contain mercury.

The replacement option being LED’s, with their longer life, considerably lower running costs, no mercury content, safer for the operator and environment and being a lot more robust.

Crowthorne Group has already started to fit them ahead of the game.

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Parts & Filters

We understand the importance of getting your failing airflow equipment back working again as soon as possible. We manufacture, source, stock and supply spare parts for clean air and containment equipment and facilities, including:


  • pre-filters
  • HEPA filters


We supply HEPA filters, separately or as combined units with our activated carbon filters.  Rectangular, Cylindrical and Panel HEPA filters, often in stock in a vast range of sizes, materials and specifications to suit all types of Safety Cabinet, all with gaskets and fittings to suit individual requirements. If you let us know which equipment you have, we can identify and supply the filter for you.

All HEPA filters are made from a microfine glass fibre paper media which is non-flammable and water repellent. Typical HEPA specification will be 99.997% efficient at a particle size of 0.3 micron, let us know if you need anything with a different specification. ULPA filters are also produced, where needed, typically 99.998% efficient at a particle size of 0.12 micron.


Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters are used to remove the vapours and gases of materials, where they are flammable, toxic or just smell bad! Carbon filters are one of the most important safety devices in the workplace, where fumes are deemed to be hazardous according to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). We offer replacement activated carbon filters for all brands of fume cupboards and safety cabinets as well as many other applications.

Our Carbon Filters are manufactured from high quality activated carbon in the UK. Produced within an ISO 9001 accredited environment ensures full process control is adhered to and allows raw material traceability. CE and ISO certification guarantees consistency of performance for adsorption capacity and particle size. Our filters also meet the requirements of British Standard BS7989:2001 and European Standard AFNOR NF X 15-211.

  • Fan motors
  • Electrical components and boards


Other component parts

We supply fans, electronics, and spares for all makes of LEV, Fume Cupboard, and Safety Cabinet.  All parts are either OEM original or an approved replacement available with short lead times and shipped nationally or internationally.


Labcaire and Microflow Parts and Filters

In August 2017 the Bioquell airflow service business was added to Crowthorne Groups portfolio, followed shortly after by the Bioquell airflow spare parts business in January 2018. Following these two acquisitions, we are the official supplier for all Microflow equipment.

Crowthorne Group is also the official supplier of all Labcaire airflow equipment.