Crowthorne Group Expands the Technical Service Team in Scotland

Crowthorne Group has great pleasure in welcoming onboard 3 additional Service Engineers based in Scotland to expand our capabilities and offer increased coverage for our customers in the region. With over 40 years of experience in the clean air and associated markets between them, this increased presence consolidates our ability to meet all your service requirements.


With their base location within Scotland, Gregor White, Steven White and William Burgess all have easy and quick access from the Borders all the way to Inverness and beyond.

What services are covered by our field-based engineers?

Crowthorne Group is well-known for cleanroom servicing and maintenance throughout the UK, but additionally offer the following services:

  • Microbiological Safety Cabinet servicing and remedial works
  • Microbiological Safety Cabinet fumigation/ decontamination services using EBDS (VHP) and formaldehyde and revalidation
  • Fume cupboard and LEV testing (in accordance with HSG258 or P601 if required)
  • Cleanroom validation
  • Compressed air testing
  • Laboratory sealability testing and control operation confirmation
  • Room fumigation/ decontamination (including emergency fumigation)
  • Supply of manufacturer of Microflow & Labcaire spare parts
  • Manufacture and provision of carbon filters, pre-filters and HEPA filters.

If you require more information or a quote for any of the above services, please contact us today or visit