CHTS & Biopharma Group Join Forces in Ireland

CHTS_LogoThe Irish division of Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services (CHTS) are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Biopharma Group to offer our combined services throughout the whole of Ireland. Our amalgamated services shall be available via the new name of BPS Crowthorne.

BPS Crowthorne has been created in order to offer a
synergetic ‘one-stop shop’ solution specifically for our Irish
LOGO-BiopharmaGroup-V30816markets that overlap such as pharmaceutical and biotech labs, universities, environmental services organisations etc. This is a unique solution in Ireland as there is currently no-one offering this combined selection of products and services.

CHTS is already well established in Ireland, with its office based in Dublin, as independent specialists in the field of servicing and validation for clean air/ cleanroom environments, containment facilities, LEV systems and fume cupboards from labs, to operating theatres and anywhere that needs to prevent environmental contaminants in the air. Biopharma Group is a leading supplier of freeze drying equipment and technologies, processing equipment and analytical services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries for those using freeze drying technology, solvent removal products, high pressure homogenisation and industry related equipment.


BPS Crowthorne can now offer the following throughout Ireland:

If you would like to discover more about the services that BPS Crowthorne is now able to offer, please contact Carmel O’Dwyer:

+353 (0)1824 3670 or


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