We’re Celebrating 30 Years in Business

30 Years Providing Independent Service & Advice

How we got from 1986 – 2016:

Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services (CHTS) was established in 1986 by Owen Ford and Chris Bushell who identified that there was a real need for an independent clean room validation company. They started with one site contract near Ipswich and were soon joined by an engineer who is still with the company on its 30th Birthday.

In 1994, Steve Robertson and Kevin Beauchamp joined and broadened the services that the company could offer adding expertise in areas such as commissioning including the containment testing of fume-cupboards and containment facilities. As a result CHTS were able to enter into the Pharmaceutical field taking on larger projects together with the production of documentation for cGMP facilities.

Between 1994 – 2000 demand continued to grow across the UK and Ireland. In 1996, CHTS established it’s first office in Dublin and 2000 we acquired the Validation division of Barkman Ltd. expanding the capabilities of the team in the servicing of clean air equipment and filter testing which complimented the existing clean room validation service already offered.

In 2004, Owen & Chris decided to retire at which time Kevin and Steve were offered the opportunity to do a buy-out and take over the running of the business.

In 2014, the opportunity arose to join forces with Biopharma Group based in Winchester who provide a synergistic relationship being focused on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Looking to the Future : 2016 and Beyond

The future of our industry looks bright. The ongoing emphasis that processes, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, have to be carried out in contained environments to prevent any form of contaminant means that we all have to keep a keen eye on how effectively labs are maintained and how any failures are handled. With this in mind CHTS looks to the future with a view that we are here to help you through an increasing complex minefield of regulations and compliance requirements in addition to our core validation and service activities.

You already know that CHTS is here for all of your service, repair and validation needs when it comes to the following:

  • Clean Room Facilities
  • Containment CL3 & 4 Facilities
  • Fume Cupboard Cleansing
  • Fumigation Services (formaldahyde and/ or vapourised hydrogen peroxide)
  • Microbiological Safety Cabinets
  • Temperature Mapping and Environmental Control
  • LEV Systems to HSG258
  • Compressed Air Testing
  • Microbiological Sampling

…but are you aware that we can do your fumigation efficacy studies to enable Lab Managers meet the demand for efficacy evidence too? This, along with educating and empowering Lab Managers to keep up to date with statutory requirements, is an area that CHTS are particularly keen to help our clients, past, present and future with. We remain actively involved in the preparation of British, European and international Standards by providing technical advice to Standard committees and sit on the CTCB-I Advisory Committee in both Scotland (S2C2), Ireland (ICS) and VCCN (Holland). Who better therefore, to help ensure you are fully prepared and compliant with the latest evidentiary requirements

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