Carbon Filters are used to remove vapours and gases of dangerous materials, wither because they are flammable, toxic, or just smell bad! They can also remove fine dusts and are one of the most important safety engineering devices in the workplace, used when returning fumes to the working environment is not possible or allowable by COSHH.

We offer replacement activated carbon filters for all brands of fume cupboards and safety cabinets as well as many other related applications. Please contact us with your requirements for a quick delivery.

Carbon Filters are UK manufactured in a ISO9001 environment with full process control and raw material traceability using a high quality activated carbon. CE and ISO certification guarantees consistency of performance for adsorption capacity and particle size. The microporous structure of this activated carbon results in an extremely large surface area, resulting in large volume adsorption of airborne contaminants so that your new filter lasts as long as possible.

Our filters meet the requirements of British Standard BS7989:2001 and European Standard AFNOR NF X 15-211.

If you also need to remove particulates a HEPA filter may be used in combination with a Carbon Filter; we can also manufacture these ‘half HEPAs’ for most applications.

In addition to standard activated carbon, we have a range of impregnated activated carbons optimised for the adsorption of acids, ammonia, amines,  sulphur compounds, formaldehyde, mercury and other compounds.  Let us know about your application and we can use our in-house knowledge and expertise to design or recommend the most suitable activated carbon for your safety.

To find out more about our carbon filter capabilities or to discuss the replacement of your carbon filters, please contact us today

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