We offer replacement activated carbon filters not only for our Labcaire and Microflow fume cupboards, but for many other makes and models, please contact us with your requirements for a quick delivery.

Carbon Filters are UK manufactured in a ISO9001 environment with full process control and raw material traceability using a high quality activated carbon. CE and ISO certification guarantees consistency of performance for adsorption capacity and particle size. The microporous structure of this activated carbon results in an extremely large surface area, resulting in large volume adsorption of airborne contaminants so that your new filter lasts as long as possible.

In addition to standard activated carbon, we have a range of impregnated activated carbons optimised for the adsorption of acids, ammonia, amines,  sulphur compounds, formaldehyde, mercury and other compounds.  Let us know about your application and we can use our in-house knowledge and expertise to design or recommend the most suitable activated carbon for your safety.

We can also provide HEPA filters, separately or as combined units with our activated carbon filters.  Rectangular, Cylindrical and Panel HEPA filters, often in stock in a vast range of sizes, materials and specifications to suit all types of Safety Cabinet, all with gaskets and fittings to suit customer’s individual requirements. If you let us know which equipment you have, we can identify and supply the filter for you.

All HEPA filters are made from a microfine glass fibre paper media which is non-flammable and water repellent. Typical HEPA specification will be 99.997% efficient at a particle size of 0.3 micron, let us know if you need anything with a different specification. ULPA filters are also produced, where needed, typically 99.998% efficient at a particle size of 0.12 micron

As well as stocks of Labcaire and Microflow parts we supply fans, electronics, and spares for all makes of LEV, Fume Cupboard, and Safety Cabinet.  All parts are either OEM original or an approved replacement available with short lead times and shipped nationally or internationally.

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