We provide a fully independent validation service for the commissioning or maintenance testing of containment facilities including ACDP and DEFRA Level 3 & 4 laboratories. Experience has shown early involvement at design and specification steps can greatly reduce delays at commissioning or validation and the costs associated with them.

Types of Containment Facilities

  • Patient Isolator rooms
  • ACDP & DEFRA Level 3 & 4
  • Commissioning including control systems
  • HEPA filter supply, installation and certification
  • Full fumigation service
  • Provision of fumigation protocols

CL3 and CL4 Facility: Typical Approach

Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services has considerable experience in the commissioning and validation of CL3 and 4 facilities. Successful projects often involve the following ten step approach:

  1. Review design & specification
  2. Visual Inspection
  3. Negative pressure room integrity test
  4. Air flow pressure test
  5. HEPA filter test
  6. Commissioning of MSC’s
  7. Fumigation mode (Ambient pressure) room integrity test
  8. Room pressure control challenge test
  9. Inspect operational general room requirements
  10. Review fumigation protocol

Routine Service Checks

  • Check airflow & Air change rates
  • Check light levels (where specified)
  • Check noise levels (where specified)
  • Check operation of all switches
  • Check operation of warning systems
  • Check operation of pressure gauges
  • Check lighting tubes
  • Check control of fumigation outlets
  • Check HEPA filter in-situ filter leak test
  • Room integrity test
  • Check operation of HEPA safe change
  • Check control & operation of fumigation procedure
  • Check discharge arrangements
  • Check fumigation protocol
  • Pressure control system challenges
  • Fumigation efficacy test
  • Issue a report sheet on our results, one copy with cabinet, one copy for user.

Clean Air Equipment

We can service and validate all types of clean air equipment including microbiological safety cabinets, fume cupboards, compressed air supplies, LEV systems, laminar flow equipment and isolators. Combining servicing of equipment and facility into a single service package can reduce downtime and save costs.

Talk to the sales team to discuss your requirements – 01252 372333 or sales@chts.co.uk.

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