Crowthorne Hi Tec is not associated with any manufacturers or suppliers of equipment. We can provide a completely unbiased report on the performance achieved, and are also able to service multiple systems from multiple suppliers in the same visit.

The measurements that are made are only reliable when carried out using the correct instruments which have calibration traceable to National Standards. All of our test equipment meets the latest standards and is calibrated by an external qualified calibration house or equipment manufacturer.



We provide services including the initial commissioning, routine service / testing and validation from a large multi suite facility to a single clean air cabinet.

Types of Cleanroom Facilities

All tests are undertaken in accordance with the latest standards: cGMP, National and International standards, also HTM requirements using the latest test equipment calibrated to National Standards.


Clean Air Devices

Clean air equipment can only be relied upon for product protection once the airflows have been correctly set, and a HEPA filter integrity test is performed to the specified standard. Air cleanliness within the device is shown by carrying out particle counts and determining the cleanliness level as defined in BS EN 14644. Since HEPA filters load with particulate during operation periodic servicing is essential to ensure performance continues to meet specification.

We can service and validate all types of clean air equipment including microbiological safety cabinets, compressed air supplies, laminar flow equipment and isolators. Combining servicing of equipment and facility into a single service package can reduce downtime and save costs.

Examples of types of Clean air devices and services we provide:

There is a statutory requirement to carry out testing and validation of microbiological safety cabinets. Performance tests are carried out to BS EN12469 and include HEPA filter integrity, airflow velocity, operation of airflow indicators & alarms and KI-Discuss (aperture protection factor) tests. KI-Discus test can also be carried out to determine product protection and cross contamination levels.

Installation of a cabinet is assessed against the requirements of BS5726:2005. Cabinets located in ACDP containment level 3 laboratories should have the KI-Discus test carried out six monthly.

In order to comply with health & safety regulations safety cabinets used for known or potential human pathogens must be rendered safe prior to service. We offer a full fumigation service including re-circulating cabinets where it is not possible to safely discharge the fumigant to atmosphere. 

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