Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services is an independent service and validation provider established in 1986. We are not associated with any manufacturer, construction company or supplier of equipment or facilities and therefore provide an entirely impartial report on the facility or equipment.

We have a Head Office in Farnborough, Hampshire but operate throughout the UK with a regional office in East Kilbride. Our engineers are based in all regions of the country to provide rapid response to our clients’ requirements. Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services Ireland has its Head Office in Dublin again with regional engineers.

Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services has a national and international reputation and works around the world for many ‘blue-chip’ companies and Governmental organizations. It is actively involved with the preparation of British, European and international Standards, both sitting on and providing technical advice to Standard committees and are employed as technical advisers for major projects including PFI hospitals, major containment facilities, Governmental agencies and construction companies.

We are active in promoting the development of training and certification of those involved with the validation of cleanrooms and clean air equipment. We sit on the CTCB-I Advisory Committee in both Scotland (S2C2), Ireland (ICS) and VCCN (Holland). This includes training on the preparatory courses and the provision of examiners.

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